The Shimano Shoe Fit System

Shimano Shoe Fit Oven

Introduced into the store at the beginning of 2009 the Shimano Shoe Fit System custom molds Shimano Cycling shoes* to exactly the shape of your fit.

The process creates a shoe which is unique for you and will result in the most comfortable cycling shoe you have ever worn. 

The fit process begins by warming the shoe insole in the oven and then molding it to the shape of the foot.  Once the insole is set the actual shoe itself is heated and then formed and molded to the shape of the foot.

The entire process is takes approximately 30 minutes and we require that you bring a pair of cycling socks which cover your ankles.  If you do not have socks we can provide you with a pair for a nominal cost.

As foot size can vary by up to half a shoe size from morning to afternoon it is best to have shoes molded in the early afternoon as this is when foot size will be most stable.





*select models only