Juteau-Cantin Bike Fit System

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The Juteau-Cantin bike fit system uses a series of body measurements to accurately determine which size of bike will fit you best, it is quite simply the best way to get a "custom fit" without the "custom price".

The system includes a platform and measuring tools to take forearm and inseam measurements.  These two measurements are the most critical for determining which size of frame will fit you best.  Fram esize differs between manufacturers and the system includes a comprehensive workbook which lists dimensions and fit sizes for nearly all current bicycle manufacturers.

The Measuring Process:

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Measuring a customer for a bike is not a 10 minute process!!  If you wish to be properly measured for your next bicycle you should allow about 1.5 hours and as such we can only offer the service Monday to Friday.

The inseam and forearm measurements are used to detemine frame size and stem length (respectively).

Once these initial measurements have been made we have a sarting point for fine tuning the fit process to give you the best possible ride position on your bike.







Fine Tuning Your Ride:

Now the fun really starts, Once the basic measurements have been made we will set you up on your choice of bike and start to fine tune the ride postion.  While the fit system measurements provide the mathematically correct dimensions no two riders are the same and everyone has slightly different preferences for ride postion and height.  It is at this point that our years of experience in fiting riders to bikes really shines.

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We will carefully listen to, discuss and then demonstrate how bike correctly fitted bike will provide you with the most enjoyable ride postion you will experience.

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